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About us

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Rozelman Farm

Rozelman farm in Emek Hefer has been growing a vast range of flowers all year round since 1970. Our advanced technology, high standards of sorting and shipping, our continuous supply and uninterrupted cooling chain enable us to provide our customers from around the globe (North America, West and East Europe and East Asia) with the best products.

The farm has about 50 trained employees who specialize in various fields of work: planting, nurturing, picking, sorting and packing. The farm covers an area of about 38 acres and grows Sandersonia, Lisianthus, Gladiolus and Lilies all year round and Tulips ,Aster and Acunitum during the winter months.

At Rozelman Farm we believe that we have a moral obligation to operate our farm in an environmentally responsible manner and we are committed to preserving and protecting the environment in which we live.

Our team

Ziv Rozelman – Managing Director


Ziv Rozelman, the second generation on Rozelman Farm, took over the running of the farm ten years ago and has a long-established connection to the farm and over twenty years experience in the flower business. He devotes most of his time and energy to growing high quality flowers, bringing in new varieties, and integrating advanced technologies and new materials into the farm. “The most important thing to me when I get up in the morning is to create the highest quality flowers that I can for our customers.”  Ziv holds a first degree in Business Administration and he will soon complete his MBA studies.

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Shiran Elgarisi- Sales & Marketing

Shiran Elgarisi has been the farm’s marketing and sales director for the last two years. “Professional service is of supreme value to us and we adapt ourselves to the individual needs and requirements of each and every one of our customers. We offer a wide variety of flowers including unique niche products in the winter. We operate through various available marketing and sales channels.”

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